Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Who Is Pastor Melissa Scott?

Who knows what television personality lurks in the early morning hours? With irregular sleep patterns, I find myself channel surfing late at night and into the early A.M. With the same old movies repeated on the cable channels, and one too many reality shows, I step out of the box and settle on a Christian program. I've been loving church lately. I could expand my knowledge of the Bible, instead of dumbing myself down late at night.

Who is this young woman preacher with all the hair? Nobody on a pulpit looks like this. Here is someone with a scholastic spin on the Bible. She analyzes the King James, word by word. Slender with blue eyes, and she's a brainiac, too. But I have trouble following her sermon. Before turning off the T.V., I set my DVR to record the next religious service from the University of Los Angeles Cathedral with Melissa Scott.

The next time I watch Pastor Scott, I listen carefully to the sermon. I don't understand a darn thing. She writes Greek words on a blackboard that is already covered with other words and phrases that looked like gibberish to someone watching from home. I don't assume I'm stupid when I can't understand something. I think the presentation isn't clear.

I'm fascinated by linguistics and the history of the Bible, and my undergraduate degree is in communication. Pastor Scott uses elevated language that is specific to advanced knowledge of Biblical history. I see that the whole cathedral is packed with members and visitors, and I wonder why they aren't asleep. I took a college class in the history of language. I've taken many courses in both English and French syntax. My educational background should help me understand what Pastor Smith is talking about. But it does not, so I wonder who exactly is Melissa Scott? And who is her audience? How does someone so young and female have the pulpit? I did a little research.

For the last fifteen years of his ministry, Dr. Eugene Scott held weekly Sunday Bible teaching services at the Los Angeles University Cathedral in Los Angeles, California. Dr. Scott married his third wife, Melissa Pastore in August 2000.  A few days before his death. Dr. Scott had a stroke. Before he died, he signed papers to transfer both powers and assets to his wife who was 40 years his junior.

At first, I have trouble finding adequate information about Melissa Scott. Supposedly, she understands 20 languages. After finding questionable comments about Melissa's life before her marriage to Eugene Scott, I consider it possible that no one wants to believe that a successful pastor could be so smart and beautiful at the same time. Maybe all the naysayers have jumped on the bandwagon to discredit someone perfectly innocent, but wonderfully gifted.

So I watch one more hour-long program, from start to finish, to hear Pastor Melissa Scott's message. I have watched three sermons to figure her out. This woman does not have a prepared sermon. Her message consists of little chopped up phrases that make NO sense. She switches gears before ever making a point. She pretends that an inside group knows what she is talking about by saying things like, "Remember when we talked about this?" After watching a sermon that had NO message, I now believe what I've read about Miss Melissa. I found the following info at Kevo.
"Melissa Scott was born April 12, 1968, as Melissa Pauline Peroff in Italy. The family moved to Canada then to Massachusettes where Melissa met and later married Paul J. Pastore, an aspiring adult movie producer. The couple moved to North Hollywood and wed in Las Vegas in 1992; then began their work as pornographic producers and directors. Melissa performed as Barbie Bridges in adult photos and videos produced by Vivid Productions."

These photos are of Melissa Scott and Barbie Bridges. Do I know for sure that they are the same person? If I weren't 90 percent sure, I wouldn't include the photos in this blog. But after watching her sermon last night, I'm dumbfounded by what I saw, the audacity of someone to command the attention of a whole audience while they fake it. She dazzles her audience with fake education and intelligence. Anyone wanting to understand the Bible or get closer to God should pay no attention to Melissa Scott. I wouldn't send her a dime. In addition, I believe she has written her own positive character references that are floating around the internet.


  1. I understand that people are upset by this preacher, but maa'm you're still missing the point. You're complaining about her locks of hair, her looks, etc. and I understand those are the kinds of things women are mostly interested in. But the main issue is Melissa Scott should not be preaching because she is a WOMAN. I sound like a broken record but people are ignorant on the Bible. God said for Women To Keep Silent in the church, because Eve is the one that screwed up the world. The reason you have trouble understanding this "Pastor Melissa Scott" is precisely because she is a woman and she's not supposed to be teaching God's word. It's the same with you, I had trouble understanding you there for a moment when you started talking about the Bible. Nothing personal, but it's because you're a woman. You're not supposed to be speaking on matters like the Bible. I know it's a free country and all, it's better you're trying to read the Bible I suppose than watching soap operas all day, but you're never going to understand it on your own. You can try and study it all day, but you need a man preacher to teach you or you're going to remain confused. That's the way it is, and I don't mean to offend.

    1. You are a complete idiot and obviously have never studied the bible. Moron.

  2. I commend you on your desire to expand your knowledge of the Bible. That is something to which men and women have given their lives for centuries, and is worthy of serious study. If avoiding dumbing yourself down while watching late night television is the goal, however, it's questionable whether or not you are giving that pursuit what it deserves. As a viewer of Pastor Scott's program and a member of the church for which she is Pastor, I can attest there is nothing fake about her love for God's Word nor her intense commitment to communicate it. Neither is there any lack in her capacity to do so. To suggest that she 'commands the attention of a whole audience while faking it' is to presume that your judgement is superior to that of said entire audience, as well as the many who comprise her audience across America. Based on the quality of your internet 'research' and subsequent pronouncements recommending that no one watch her who wants a closer relationship with God or deeper understanding of the Bible, apparently no further questioning is necessary on your part. Never mind that your 'facts' are unsubstantiated, you've made the decision for all of us. Thank you for delivering us from having to think for ourselves, East Bay Girl! What would we do without you?! By the way, I guess you missed the statement clearly made by Pastor Scott for many years that she doesn't want your 'dime' unless you have been taught by her in the things of God. Since she can afford national broadcast airtime year in and year out, there appear to be plenty who do understand what she's communicating, and respond to it.

  3. Interestingly, I had the very same reaction to Melissa Scott when I first accidentally encountered her on late night tv. At first, I thought "oh, smart, I don't really follow but she must be smart." When I saw her again, I started to have doubts. Then I watched a few times more intently. The last time, I made a tape of the broadcast and wrote out sections of what she said, trying to follow the reasoning. You are dead on correct: she zig zags a lot, never completes points, salts her sermon with inside references or statements that are meant to sound as if people who really understand and who have been watching her will get it. She is very skillful at coming off as intelligent to people who are not skeptical enough to really listen instead of being intimidated by her project (entirely semantic) intellect. After the last time I watched her, I came to believe that although I am no real scholar of the Bible, by merely sticking to what I do know and calling her out on her semantic tricks, I could make her look asinine in a moderated debate about the Bible. She simply does not know what she is talking about. Interestingly, when I then listened to some of her deceased husband's sermons, I reached a similar conclusion, although he clearly had more knowledge to work with. I find Melissa Scott fascinatingly abhorrent. There is something so cunning and snake like in the complete remorseless and ability to act like something she is not. It is distasteful but hard not to look at. Also, I believe that she plays mostly to an empty audience; either that or the same people clap with the same expressions on their face, sermon after sermon. In any case, my research showed that much of Gene's ministry rejected her. Finally, as to whether she was once Barbie Bridges. The obvious, unmistakeable and hard to refute self-evident resemblance is evidence enough by itself. But in several of her televised sermons she talked about how she was once "lowest of the low" and how unfortunate her life was before she found god and how she "disrespected her body." I think she was addressing her critics subtly in these comments. My view: she is still a whore, just whoring herself out in a different whore costume.

    1. ALL HAVE SINNED and fallen short of the glory of God. Except you maybe?

  4. http://www.viddler.com/explore/doj464/videos/149/

    This is a factual rendering of all the bizarre and morally disgusting shit "pastor" Melissa Scott and Gene Scott are/were/have been up to in life. Someone who so pimps out faith has pimped out their own souls and lives in a misery tempered fecklessly and transiently only by their own ego pursuits, of which always is required more and more, like and addiction, eventually just burying and killing the life in them. Maybe that is why she is so fascinating to look at, despite being so horribly disgusting ... like it is hard not to look at the recently killed in passing an auto accident on the road.